Why:  Honduras is often the radar.  Many people think of the news and the reputation for drug gangs and violence.  Similar to Mexico, I found that as a tourist you will not be involved in drug gang clashes.  While caution needs to be used in many countries in Latin America, I found that the people in Honduras were extremely friendly to me.

Flight: Search for a flight into Tegucigalpa on skycanner.com or go overland like I did from Guatemala.  I will start my recipe with Copan, if you were flying in you would obviously start from the capital.

Honduras es amor…despite what the news says

Day 1:  Cross the border from Guatemala and head to Copan Ruinas.  Stay at Hostel Berakah Copan which is very close to the ruins.  Spend the aftenoon chilling out in the town and be sure to visit Macaw Mountain.

Day 2: Get up early and spend all day visiting the ruins.  These are some of the finest ruins in Central America, along with Tikal.

Exploring at Tikal

Day 3: Take the bus up to La Ceiba on the northern coast.  Stay in 1877 Hostel and check out this Caribbean town with great local seafood.

On the beach in Roatan

Day 4: Take the ferry to Roatan which runs at least once a day..  Welcome to Caribbean Island paradise. Stay in Roatan Backpackers.   Go out and try jungle ziplinging! Chill out on the beach.

Day 5: Go out to scuba, snorkel or swim with dolphins.  Roatan is famous for beautiful water and cheap diving. Chose a water option and have at it!

I happened to be in Comayagua for the Indepedence Day celebrations!

Day 6: Take the ferry back to La Ceiba and make your way over to Tela to check out another coastal Honduran town. Stay in Coco Cabanas Hotel.  This is another laid back town which is easy to see in an afternoon.

Day 7: Take a bus to Comayagua.  Stay in the Halston Hotel.   Comayagua is a nice mid-size city which is more peaceful than the capital.  Explore the cathedral, and Reloj de la Catedral.

Hiking in La Tigra National Park

Day 8: Take a bus to Tegucigalpa.  Stay in La Ronda Hostel.  Walk around en el centro and visit Catedral de San Miguel, El Picacho, Iglesia Los Dolores, and Parque Central.

Day 9 Head out to La Tigra National Park.  Get a local guide to go with you to do the full day hike across the national park.  Come back into Tegucigalpa for a tasty dinner.

Day 10: Check out the main plaza and Mercado Colon before getting a bus for Nicaragua or heading back home!