Why: Bolivia is a country of huge open spaces, a slice of the Amazon Rainforest, the Salar de Uyuni, awesome Andean highlands, and fantastic towns.  I was really excited to see this extremely affordable country.  If you want to read about Lake Titicaca you can check it out my post on Lake Titicaca.

How: Flights go down to La Paz and Santa Cruz if you are wanting to head out to the Amazon region.  Most budget travelers take buses and this is what I did as well.

Looking back at mountain biking “the world’s most dangerous road”

Day 1: Get to La Paz and stay at 3600 Hostel.  Get out and visit the Witches Market and try some of the local food.

Day 2: Ask your hostel about mountain biking the world’s most dangerous road.  Traffic is no longer an issue on the “Death Road” so this a opened up the road to plenty of agencies which run mountain biking outings.  This will be nearly a full day outing.

Day 3: Head out almost an hour outside of La Paz to see the rugged Valle de la Luna.  Depending on which day it is check out Cholita Wrestling, comical female wrestling, or El Mercado Alto which takes place in the higher area of La Paz.  Here you can check out tons everything and anything you would imagine a Latin American market could ever have.

Hanging with llamas on the salar

Day 4: Take a bus down to Uyuni.  This is where the Salar de Uyuni tours will depart from. Once you get to Uyuni set up your 2 to 4 day tour of the super cool Uyuni Salt Flats.  Check out the reviews of your tour before you sign up.  Load up on snacks and walk the streets of Uyuni.  Get a good nights rest before your Salt Flat Tour.  I took the 3 day tour which allowed me to see more of the incredible salt flats and spend 2 nights out under some of the most beautiful night skies you can imagine.  Stay in Bunker Hostel in Uyuni.

Day 5/6/7:  The Salt Flats are amazing.  You will stop by lagoons, see pink flamengos and see one of the most unique places in the world.  I spent two nights staying in basic lodging spots spread out across the flats.  You should stop by thermal hot baths, visit the salt hotel, and take tons of cool pictures on this lunar landscape.  Spend the night in Potosi after your tour finishes at Bunker Hostel.

An adventurous duo bike across the salt flats

Day 8: Take a bus up to Potosi to see this high-altitude mining town. Stay at Casa de Huespedes.  Get out and check out the narrow streets in this interesting town, home to some of the biggest silver mines in the world.  To see what life is like for the miners take a tour of the mines, with a company like Koala Tours.  A tour will take you into the difficult life which these miners live.

Day 9: Take a bus up to Sucre to see the formar capital and UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Stay at the Beehive Hostel.  Sucre is a great town to take Spanish classes or volunteer in.  Enjoy the sunny weather and cool vibe in this great Bolivian town.

The views over sunny Sucre

Day 10: Ask your hostel about trying Spanish classes for the day or finding somewhere to volunteer.  You should be able to find a way to dive in without too much effort in Sucre.

Day 11: Take a bus up to Cochabamba.  In Cochabamba walk around the cathedral and main square which are really pretty.  Walk down Prado and Salamanca streets and check out the food scene.  Stay at Running Chaski Hostel.

Day 12: Get a guide to take you out to hike Pico Tunari.  This will be a full-day hike which will take you over 16,500 feet.  Enjoy the views up above Cochabamba on this doable day hike.

Visiting Cochabamba’s Cristo Redentor

Day 13: Get out in the morning and take the cable car or hike up to the biggest Christ the Redeemer Statue in Latin America.  Take a bus back up to La Paz and get in and get some dinner.  Stay at 3600 Hostel again.

Day 14: Hit the streets of La Paz and a local market before your flight out to another Latin American country or back home.