Brian with monkeys in Brazil

Hanging with spider monkeys deep in the Amazon Rainforest near Leticia, Colombia.

Hi!  My name is Brian Asher, some may know me as Mr. Asher, if you’ve been a Spanish or English student of mine.

Growing up in Sacramento, California I wasn’t a traveler or an outdoors lover.  Traveling was for rich people and hiking wasn’t a team in high school so I never tried either until I was 20.

Volunteering at an Orphanage in Cambodia

I had decided to hang up my baseball spikes after playing a year of college baseball and had my first summer free in years.  My brother talked me into working as a camp counselor in the Colorado Rockies.

Members of the staff had summited peaks in Peru, trained sherpas in Nepal, snorkeled at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Getting up close and personal with ring-tailed lemurs in Madagascar

By the end of this summer, I had not only summited 15 14,000 foot peaks and fallen in love with the outdoors,

and also had heard so many stories of travel abroad that I was convinced that I had to go somewhere!  So for my first trip overseas in 2005 I went to Costa Rica by myself.  This trip changed my life.  Learning Spanish became real, I met dozens of inspiring travelers from all over the world, ziplined through the jungle, ran a marathon on the beach, and ate foods I had never seen before.  The excitement of this two week journey was beyond description.  I was hooked!

Brian on an elephant in India

Getting a free shower in Sri Lanka

Since this first trip, I have spent five years teaching English, translating, and working for organizations in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and Bolivia along with visiting 85 other countries.

I currently teach high school Spanish in California and love sharing about my experiences with my students.

Enjoying a snack with some of my great students

Along with travel, I love to hit the trails. Since working in Colorado I have been on thousands of trails.

When I’m on the trail I feel at home and at peace.  Being in nature gives me time to reflect, disconnect, and feel in the moment.  I love the perspective that nature gives me.  When I see the view from a summit, a powerful waterfall, or an alpine lake I feel the simple joy of life.


Hiking on the South Island in New Zealand

How can this site help you?

I’m here to tell you that the phrases, “I wish I could but….” and  “Maybe someday in the future” never got anyone any closer to living their dreams.  Anyone can travel the world.  You can have life-changing experiences and adventures.  You can create a lifestyle that allows you not postpone what you want to do!

I understand your dreams, hopes, fears, and challenges.

Check out the Start Here post for the inspiration and information to get you traveling!