LEGEND: Dark Green/Beginner | Light Green/Easy | Yellow/Moderate | Light Orange/Challenging | Dark Orange/Strenuous (NOTE: The two hiker icon = multiple trails. TWH Rating=The World Hiker Rating of hike out of 10)

Trailhead Description Distance Elevaton Difficulty TWH Rating
Balanced Rock A simple 0.3 mile loop out to you guessed it…a giant bolder balancing high in the sky perched on a desert spire. 0.3 mile 100 ft. Beginner 7
Bright Angel The classic spot to start your journey down into the Grand Canyon.  Go for a mile, 15 miles round-trip Rim to Rim, or even Rim to Rim to Rim, at 45-50 miles to see the entire canyon! 15 miles 4600 ft. Strenuous 9
Broken Arch This is an easy 1.8 mile loop trail out to another one of the park’s great arches. 1.8 miles 200 ft. Beginner 8
Canyon Overlook The short hike to do in Zion National Park.  A 1 mile round-trip hike to one of the best views in any U.S. national park. 1 mile 600 ft. Beginner 8
Deadhorse Point A 5.2 mile loop gives you fantastic views of the colorful canyons in the area. 5.2 miles 1100 ft. Easy 7
Delicate Arch The classic Arches hike.  A 3 mile round-trip hike to the most iconic arch of them all 3 miles 600 ft. Easy 10
Desert View An easy 1 mile loop trail that takes you out to another fabulous sunset spot on the rim of the Grand Canyon. 1 mile Flat Beginner 7
Devils Garden This 7.8 mile loop takes you by several of the most scenic arches in the park.  Get out early for great views and less people 7.8 miles 1500 ft. Moderate 8
Double Arch An easy 0.5 mile hike round-trip takes you out to fascinating double arch. 0.5 mile Flat Beginner 8
Douglass Spring Head out into the desert scenery on your way to Bridal Wreathe Falls on this 5.9 mile round trip hike. 5.9 miles 1100 ft. Easy 6
Emerald Pools A nice 2.1 mile loop trail that takes you to some crystal blue emerald pools. 2.1 miles 300 ft. Beginner 8
Fairyland Loop The 7.9 mile Fairyland Loop is another hoodoo-filled route that takes you to beautiful tower bridge. 7.9 miles 1700 ft. Moderate 9
Grand View Point An easy 1.8 mile round trip hike out to a great viewpoint over the park. 1.8 miles 400 ft. Beginner 8
Grand Wash A scenic 4.5 mile round-trip hike on the Grand Wash Trail that takes you through deep red canyon walls. 4.5 miles 500 ft. Easy 7
Hermit Trail Take the shuttle out to Hermit Trailhead and make your way 15.9 miles round-trip to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. 15.9 mles 6100 ft. Strenuous 8
Hickman Bridge This short and sweet 1.8 mile loop trail takes you to a nice natural arch. 1.8 miles 500 ft. Beginner 7
Horseshoe Bend The postcard view of the American Southwest.  An easy 1.2 mile hike takes you out to this wonder. 1.2 miles Flat Beginner 10
King Canyon Take in some of the giant Saguaro Cacti on this 7.4 mile route to the summit of Wasson Peak 7.4 miles 2000 ft. Moderate 6
Mesa Arch An easy 0.7 mile round-trip hike out to a great lookout over Canyonlands National Park 0.7 mile 100 ft. Beginner 8
Navajo Loop This 2.7 mile Navajo Loop takes you through the incredible red hoodos of the Navajo Trail and the Queen’s Garden.  One of the best short hikes of any national park in the U.S. 2.7 miles 700 ft. Easy 9
North Kaibob The North Rim sees way less visitors than the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and is a great alternative for those wanting more peace and quiet.  Hike down the North Kaibob Trail as far as you like.  Down to Phantom Ranch is 13.3 miles one-way. 13.3-26.6 5800 ft. Strenuous 9
Park Avenue An easy 1.8 mile round-trip hike near the visitors center with some nice views of the towering red desert walls and spires. 1.8 miles 300 ft. Beginner 8
Peak-A-Boo An awesome 4.7 mile round-trip hike that is makes you feel like you are more on Mars than on planet Earth. 4.8 miles 1600 ft. Moderate 10
Phantom Ranch Hike down to the bottom of the Canyon to spend the night in one of the coolest spots in the world.  Start your hike here the next morning to head up to the South Rim, 9.9 miles one-way the North Rim, a 13.3 miles one-way. 9.9-13.3 miles 4600-5800 ft. Strenuous 10
Rainbow Point Lots of great options from here.  Short hikes lead to Yavimpa Point, 0.3 miles and Rainbow Point., 0.3 miles. The Bristlecone Loop Trail, 1 mile, is a nice hike and this trailhead provides the finish or starting point for the 21 mile Under the Rim Trail. 0.3-1 mile 200 ft. Beginner 8
Rim Trail Hike along the fabulous Rim Trail for jaw-dropping views, particularly at sunrise of sunset. Go one mile or all 13 miles. 1-13 miles 200-1300 ft. Easy 9
Rim Trail North The Rim Trail runs for 11 miles all the way from Fairyland Point to Bryce Point.  Hike any section of the Rim Trail for fantastic views from above Bryce Canyon. 3-11 miles 500-1900 ft. Easy 9
Rim Trail South The other option for your start to the highly recommended Rim Trail which provides you with superb views of the hoodoos below. 3-11 miles 500 -1900 ft. Easy 9
San Dune Arch A super short 0.4 mile round-trip hike gets you to this interesting desert arch. 0.4 mile 100 ft. Beginner 9
Sandstone Quarry Turtlehead Mountain is nice summit which takes you through some of the fine scenery of Red Rock Canyon.  4.6 miles round trip 4.6 miles 2000 ft. Moderate 6
Skyline Arch An easy 0.4 mile round-trip hike to another pretty arch. 0.4 mile Flat Beginner 8
South Kaibob Trail Take a shuttle here to take the South Kaibob Trail, 12.6 miles round-trip down to the Colorado River or even make a loop by coming up the Bright Angel Trail. 12.6 miles 4800 ft. Strenuous 10
The Grotto The infamous Angels Landing 4.4 hike begins here. One of the coolest hikes in the U.S., this route is steep and has narrow sections with chains on it to hold on to. 4.4 miles 2000 ft. Moderate 10
The Narrows Hike upstream as far as you like in one of the most unique hikes in the U.S. Be ready to wade through the water as you head up the Narrows for 2-14 miles round-trip 2-14 miles 3-2300 ft. Moderate 9
Under the Rim A 21 mile longer hiking trail that takes you away from the main road and under the rim to see a huge section of the park 5-21 miles 500-1800 ft. Moderate 7
Upheavel Dome Head out on the easy 1.7 mile round-trip hike to Upheavel Dome route or the longer and very scenic Syncline Trail Loop, 7.1 miles to take in a couple great hikes in this quiet National Park 1.7-7.1 miles 400-1600 ft. Easy 7
Weeping Rock A super short 0.4 mile round-trip hike to the backside of this small waterfall. 0.4 mile 200 ft. Beginner 8
Windows Trail An nice one mile loop trail visits three fine arches with big views. 1 mile 200 ft. Beginner 9