LEGEND: Dark Green/Beginner | Light Green/Easy | Yellow/Moderate | Light Orange/Challenging | Dark Orange/Strenuous (NOTE: The two hiker icon = multiple trails. TWH Rating=The World Hiker Rating of hike out of 10)

Trailhead Description Distance Elev. Gain Difficulty TWH Rating
Abel Tasman Track The start to one of the Great Walks of New Zealand.  Great coastal views on this route.  Go for 3 miles or for all 40. 3-40 miles 500-5000 ft. Easy 8
Aiguille du Midi Head straight up from Chamonix for 5-10 miles round-trip.  Big time views on this vertical route. 5-10 miles 2500-4200 ft. Moderate 10
Amador Calzada Panama A great place to walk or run from 1-5 miles round-trip on the edge of Panama City. 1-5 miles Flat Beginner 6
Angkor Wat Walk for hours among these incredible temples, which are some of the best in the world.  Hikes will very from 1-3 miles. 1-3 miles Flat Beginner 10
Avalanche Peak A classic New Zealand summit.  The Avalanche Peak Trail heads straight up and makes for a fabulous 6.2 mile round-trip hike. 6.2 miles 3400 ft. Challenging 9
Bahiravokanda Buddha A nice short 1 mile round-trip walk up to a towering white buddha perched above Kandy. 1 mile 400 ft. Easy 6
Barranca de Huentitan A nice place to hike down into the canyon below, 4 miles round-trip.  Pretty sunrises and sunsets here on the outskirts of Guadalajara. 4 miles 2000 ft. Moderate 6
Ben Lomond Hike straight up from the louge on this 6.9 mile round-trip hike.  Fabulous like-side views all the way up! 6.9 miles 3200 ft. Moderate 9
Bita Lake A scenic 2.3 mile hike on catwalks that skirt around the perimeter of this pretty lake. 2.3 miles 300 ft. Beginner 7
Bosque la Primavera Lots of trails here.  A great place to run or hike for those living or staying in Guadalajara.  Routes vary from 3-18 miles. 3-18 miles 500-4000 ft. Moderate 7
Busteni Trailhead Head up into the heart of the Carpathian mountains on these fabulous trails.  Hikes vary from 5-15 miles round-trip. 5-15 miles 2000-4200 ft. Moderate 8
Butchart Gardens The 1-2 mile trail through the park gives takes you through one of the most beautiful variety of flowers you will find anywhere in the world. 1-2 miles Flat Beginner 10
Cahuita Beach Unspoiled beaches where you can walk for miles and enjoy the warmth of the Caribbean.  The Jungleman Marathon 26.2 mile race was held here. 1-26 miles Flat Beginner 6
Cayambe One of the tallest volcanoes in Ecuador.  Cayambe, at nearly 19,000 feet is the experience of a lifetime. 13 miles 5000 ft. Strenuous 10
Cerro de las Minas A forested 10 mile round-trip trail that leads up to the highest peak in Honduras. 10 miles 4200 ft. Challenging 6
Cesky Krumlov Trails and paths lead around this magestic town.  Head on the garden paths and take the walkways for 360 degree views of one of Europe’s most magical towns.  All hikes are 1-2 miles long. 1-2 miles 400 ft. Easy 10
Chamonix North Head up, up, and away to a plethora of trails on the north side of this stunning valley, in one of the best mountain towns in the world.  Hikes range from 4-15 miles. Try Refuge la Flegere and Lac de la Flegere. 4-15 miles 2100-5100 ft. Moderate 10
Chamonix South Head south out of the valley and up to some spectacular scenery up some vertical trails that provide world-class views towards Mer de Glace.  Hikes range from 5-15 miles round-trip. 5-15 miles 2700-4400 ft. Moderate 10
Chongsheng Temple Hike away from the lake for 1-3 miles round-trip walking through spectacular pagodas every few hundred yards. 1-3 miles 200-700 ft. Beginner 8
Christ the Redeemer The one hike everyone wants to do in Brazil.  The Christ the Redeemer Statue is world famous and for good reason.  A short 0.2 mile hike takes you up or walk 4 miles and avoid some of the lines. 0.2-4 miles 200-800 ft. Easy 10
Christ the Redeemer Corumba Another mini version of Christ the Redeemer.  This short 1 mile round-trip hike gives views of Corumba and the Pantanal. 1 mile 500 ft. Easy 6
Citadelle La Ferriere Hike up 2 miles round-trip to Haiti’s landmark citadel which offers wide views over the northern part of the country. 2 miles 400 ft. Beginner 7
Copper Canyon Legendary trails that head out into the massive Copper Canyon where one of the world’s most famous ultramarathons is held every year.  If know where you are going you can go for miles on end here. 1-50 miles 200-10000 ft. Strenuous 7
Cuicocha Trailhead Another magical turquoise laguna situated near Ecuador’s most famous market in Otavalo.  A fantastic 6.2 mile loop trail goes around the rim of the crater. 6.2 miles 1000 ft. Moderate 9
Curitiba Botanical Garden The perfect spot to come for a hike in Curitiba. Make the 2 mile loop around the gardens. 2 miles Flat Beginner 8
Dili Beach Hike 0.5 mile up to the Christ the Redeemer statue or 1-4 miles along the beach at sunset on this stretch of Dili’s capital which gets more walkers and runners than any other. 0.5-4 miles 300 ft. Beginner 6
Edith Cavell Glacier This 3 mile loop trail takes you up to a sheer glacier wall and offers great views. 3 miles 1800 ft. Easy 8
Emei Shan Hike 3-20 miles towards the summit of Emei Mountain.  Keep your eye out for very friendly monkeys on the way. 3-20 miles 500-4200 ft. Moderate 7
Fox Glacier A short 1.5 mile round-trip hike up to one of the largest glaciers in New Zealand.  A great option if you don’t want to spend several hundred dollars on a glacier helicopter flight. 1.5 miles 300 ft. Beginner 6
Franz Joseph Glacier An easy 3 mile round-trip hike out to one of the largest glaciers in New Zealand. 3 miles 600 ft. Beginner 6
Gertrude Saddle The best day hike in New Zealand starts here.  An unbelievably beautiful 5.4 mile round-trip hike past cascading waterfalls and soaring peaks. 5.4 miles 2300 ft. Challenging 10
Golden Triangle Hike 1-2 miles along the Mekong River in the infamous Golden Triangle where Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos all come together. 1-2 miles Flat Beginner 6
Havelock Coast Take a stroll along this beautiful stretch of coast in the Marlborough Sounds for a nice 1 mile round-trip hike 1 mile Flat Beginner 6
Hooker Valley One of the best short hikes you will find  anywhere in the world.  Spectacular 6.8 mile round-trip route to this glacier-fed lake. 6.8 miles 2800 ft. Easy 10
Hunder Valley Hike for 0.5 to 3 miles round-trip alongside the camels in this spectacular valley flanked by Himalayan peaks. 0.5-3 miles 100-1000 ft. Easy 8
Iguazu Argentina Hike all over the Argentinian side of these world-famous falls.  3-10 miles of trails. 3-10 miles Flat Beginner 10
Iguazu Brazil Fabulous views all day as you hike for hours on the Brazilian side of the falls.  3-9 miles of trails. 3-9 miles Flat Beginner 10
Ilha do Mel Trails extend all over this friendly Brazilian island. Hike up to Farol das Conchas, 2 miles round-trip, or Gruta das encantadas, 6 miles round-trip. 2-6 miles 400-800 ft. Beginner 8
Ipanema Copacabana Two of the most famous beaches in the world can be accessed from here.  See what Brazil is all about by walking 3-8 miles round-trip on the bike trail or by the water. 3-8 miles Flat Beginner 9
Kampong Ayer Cruise around the countless catwalks in the world’s biggest water village.  A unique 1-4 mile walk. 1-4 miles Flat Beginner 7
Kaweah Ijen One of the most unique hikes in the world.  Get down in the crater to see the blue flames before sunrise. Explore the rim of the crater on this 5-7 mile round-trip hike 5-7 miles 1400-2200 ft. Moderate 10
Key Summit A doable 4.7 mile round-trip hike that summit that gives great views of the DIvide Area while getting a taste for the world-famous Routeburn Track. 4.7 miles 1400 ft. Easy 9
Khardung La Start at the highest motorized pass in the world and hike 1-3 miles up the ridge for some high altitude Himalayan views. 1-3 miles 400-1000 ft. Moderate 9
Kinney Lake A beautiful 6 mile round-trip trail to this picturesque mountain lake is a great half-day outing. 6 miles 1200 ft. Easy 9
La Rambla The Rambla is the spot to get out in Montevideo.  Walk 1-8 miles along the waterfront or out Punta Brava. 1-8 mles Flat Beginner 7
Lake Bled Hike 1-5 miles around scenic Lake Bled for postcard views in Slovenia’s gorgeous mountainside. 1-4 miles 200-400 ft. Easy 10
Lake Louise The Lake Louise Trail, 2.9 miles round-trip and the Plain of the Six Glaciers Trail, 8.4 miles are fantastic options next to this iconic lake. 2.9-8.4 miles 500-2400 ft. Moderate 9
Lake Matheson A scenic 2.5 mile loop goes around the lake.  On a clear day the views of Mount Cook are a sight to behold. 2.5 miles 500 ft. Beginner 7
Lake Pulaki Stroll for 1-2 mlles alongside the Pulaki, which is one of the prettiest lakes in all of New Zealand 1-2 miles Flat Beginner 9
Lake Tekapo Hike for 1-2 miles round-trip along the water alongside lovely Lake Tekapo and by the church of the Good Shepard and see the lupin while they are in season. 1-2 miles Flat Beginner 9
Leshan Budda Hike 2-3 miles round-trip in this scenic park en route to the obvious stop to see the world’s largest buddha. 2-3 miles 300 ft. Beginner 7
Los Dedos Hike 1-3 miles along this beautiful stretch of beach while passing by the world’s most famous hand. 1-3 miles Flat Beginner 7
Machu Picchu Start here for a day of hiking to explore one of the world’s great wonders.  Hike over to the Sun Gate, 4 miles round-trip before exploring the main ruins. 4-6 miles 1000 ft. Moderate 10
Machu Picchu Mountain A fabulous 5 mile round-trip hike up to a superb view above the ruins.  Worth getting this extra ticket! 5 miles 2100 ft. Moderate 10
Milford Sound Stroll along the coastline of world-famous Milford Sound for 1-2 miles and including a visit to Bowen Falls. 1-2 miles Flat Beginner 8
Mojanda Fuya Fuya The views as you climb up 4 miles round-trip to Mt. Fuya Fuya are unreal.  Laguna de Mojanda dazzles in the sun on your way up through the grasses to this rugged summit. 4 miles 2000 ft. Moderate 9
Monserrate Trailhead A pilgrimage for many people from Bogota.  A great 4 mile round-trip hike to get you a fantastic view above  the biggest city in Colombia. 4 miles 1400 ft. Moderate 8
Monte Alban Hike for 1-4 miles all around these impressive ruins just outside of Oaxaca, one of Mexico’s most welcoming cities. 1-4 miles Flat Beginner 7
Montjuic A nice park with trails up above Barcelona.  A great spot to get out for a short 1-2 mile round-trip hike while in the city. 1-2 miles 300 ft. Beginner 6
Moraine Lake The rockpile, 1 mile round-trip, and shoreline, 2 miles round-trip trails begin here.  This is the postcard lake the whole world sees of Canada. 1-2 miles 100-600 ft. Easy 10
Mount Batur One of the best hikes in Indonesia. This classic 2.7-3.5 round-trip mile hike is often done at sunrise and is a great outing from Ubud. 2.7-3.5 miles 1300 ft. Easy 9
Mount Fuji Lots of trailhead options for hiking to the summit of Japan’s iconic peak. Routes vary between 11 and 16 miles round-trip. Make like the Japanese and hike up for the sunrise for a surreal experience. 11-16 miles 4200-6200 ft. Challenging 10
Mount Robert A great 6 mile scenic loop up to Mount Robert.  Nice views of Lake Rotoititi the entire time. 6 miles 2000 ft. Moderate 8
Mount Rosni A beautiful 8 mile round-trip hike to Rosni Summit, which sits on the Albanian and Montenegro border. 8 miles 2500 ft. Moderate 8
Mount Rysy Head up 10 miles round-trip to Mount Rysy, the highest peak in Poland, and straddle the border of Slovakia and Poland.  Koprovsky Stit is another great 7 mile round-trip option. 7-10 miles 2500-3900 ft. Moderate 8
Mount Triglav Hike up 6-16 miles towards Slovenia’s highest peak, Mt. Triglav, in the pristine Julian Alps.  Mountain ladders and glacial lakes abound. 6-16 miles 2000-4600 ft. Challenging 9
Mueller Hut Hike up to Kea Point, 1.8 miles round-trip, Sealy Tarns, 3.6 miles round-trip or spectacular Mueller Hut, 6.5 miles round-trip.  Fantastic views the entire way. 1.8-6.5 miles 300-3400 ft. Challenging 10
Nevado de Colima This 8 mile round-trip hike takes you to one of the taller volcanoes in Mexico at over 14,000 feet.  If you are visiting Guadalajara or Puerto Vallarta this is only a couple of hours away and is one of the most active volcanoes in all of Mexico. 8 miles 2500 ft. Moderate 7
Ollantayambo Hike 3 miles on a loop up to explore these ruins.  A great warm up for Machu Picchu in the town where many pick up the train for Machu Picchu. 3 miles 700 ft. Easy 9
Pailon del Diablo Trailhead If you are going to stop and hike in to one of the waterfalls on this route, this is the one.  Fantastic 2 mile round-trip hike on trails and bridges in this park. 2 miles 500 ft. Easy 8
Palenque One of the finest ruins in all of Latin America.  Hike 1-4 miles around this fabulous site. 1-4 miles Flat Beginner 8
Pangong Tso Hike for 3 miles from Merak along the lake or hike for 1-5 miles round-trip straight above Merak up above this stunning high altitude lake on the border of India and Tibet 1-5 miles 300-800 ft. Easy 8
Pao de Azucar One of the post-card views from Rio de Janeiro.   Hike along the beach for 1-3 miles below this world-famous spot. 1-3 miles 300-800 ft. Easy 8
Parque Barigui A fantastic spot to walk in Curitiba with some of the world’s largest rodents on hand as well.  A nice 3 mile loop around the perimeter of the park. 3 miles Flat Beginner 7
Parque Iberapuera The spot to get outside in Sao Paulo.  An oasis in the middle of one of the world’s biggest cities.  Great trails in this urban park.  Easy 1-5 mile loops. 1-5 miles Flat Beginner 7
Parque Tangamanga A large open space with a nice 6.2 mile trail that goes along the perimeter of the park. 1-6.2 miles Flat Beginner 6
Pearl Lake Pearl Lake is one of the prettiest lakes you will ever see.  It is a short 1 mile round-trip hike to the lake from the park entrance. 1 mile 400 ft. Beginner 10
Peel Forest Several short 0.5-2 mile round-trip hikes through a a dense forest with big trees and a couple waterfalls. 0.5-2 miles 200-800 ft. Easy 6
Penang National Park Penang National Park has several nice trails which get you out in the jungle and along the beach in this tropical corner of Malaysia. Try Monkey Beach.  Hikes vary from 2-10 miles round-trip. 2-10 miles 200-1200 ft. Easy 6
Peyto Lake This easy 0.8 mile round-trip hike must not be missed.  The turquoise blue of Peyto Lake is mind-blowing. 0.8 mile 100 ft. Beginner 9
Pinchincha Trailhead Rucu Pinchincha, a 6.5 mile round-trip hike, serves as a great hike after landing in Quito.  Where else can you get above 15,000 feet right outside of the city? 8.5 miles 3100 ft. Moderate 8
Pisac Ruins Great 1-3 mile trails let you explore this ruin in the Sacred Valley.  Fantastic views of the town, which has one of the best Andean markets on the continent. 1-3 miles 200-500 ft. Easy 8
Pletvice Lakes Hiking the trails at Pletvice Lakes Park is a magical experience.  Hike from 5-18 miles to see the beauty of this park. 5-18 miles 400-1800 ft. Easy 10
Popradske Pleso Trailhead Great views above this picturesque lake in the Slovakia’s gorgeous High Tatras.  Hike 3 miles round-trip to big views from the ridge.  Continue on for up to 10 miles round-trip to head across a nice stretch of the Tatras. 3-10 miles 1400-3400 ft. Moderate 9
Prionia Mount Olympus Hike up to Mytikus, Scolio, and Stefani in this world-famous national parak made legendary by the stories of the gods.  A challenging 16-24 mile round-trip hike.  Stay in refugest to break the hike up into 2-3 days. 16-24 miles 4500-6700 ft. Strenuous 10
Punchbowl Falls A short and sweet 1.5 mile round-trip hike to these spectacular waterfalls.  Great day trip from Christchurch. 1.5 miles 500 ft. Beginner 9
Quilotoa One of Ecuador’s most coveted views.  Hiking around this emerald lake will is simply breathtaking.  Take a 8 mile loop around the laguna. 8 miles 1200 ft. Moderate 10
Rainbow Mountain One of the most unique mountains in the world.  The sediment creates a rainbow-colored summit.  The 13 mile round-trip hike up will knock your socks off as well. 13 miles 3200 ft. Moderate 10
Rio Botanical Garden A beautiful spot to get out in nature while you are staying Rio de Janeiro.  Walk for 1-6 trails among the local flora and fauna. 1-6 miles Flat Beginner 8
Roys Peak One of the greatest day hikes in New Zealand. This 6.8 mile round-trip hike provides captivating views which span for miles. 6.8 miles 4200 ft. Moderate 9
Salvador Morro Trailhead A great stretch to walk on the beach of Salvador, home of one of the biggest celebrations on earth with Salvador.  Hike for 1-4 miles on this beautiful coastline. 1-4 miles Flat Beginner 7
Saqsaywaman Hike straight north of town to this nearby ruin and also check out the white Christ the Redeemer Statue while admiring the views above Cusco.  3 miles round-trip from Plaza de Armas. 3 miles 800 ft. Easy 6
Shudu Lake A nice 2 mile hike along the side of this beautiful Chinese lake up in the forests. 2.1 miles 200 ft. Beginner 8
Siete Orejas A nice 6 mile-round trip hike to the top of this 11,000 foot peak just outside of Gracias. 6 miles 2400 ft. Moderate 7
Singapore Botanical Garden Singapore’s Botanical Gardens have fantastic trails which you can spend the entire morning exploring.  An easy 1-4 mile walk. 1-4 miles Flat Beginner 8
Single Tree Hill A nice 3-4 mile round-trip hike through the tea plantations to a great view above the highland town of Nuwara Eliya. 3-4 miles 1200 ft. Easy 6
Sotano de las Golandrinas A 2 mile round-trip hike to one of the coolest caverns in the world. Be sure to get there for the swallows come flying out. 2 miles 200 ft. Beginner 7
Southern Ridges East One of the best urban hikes in the world.  Elevated catwalks above the streets of Singapore on this 3-15 mile walk. 3-15 miles 300-1000 ft. Beginner 8
Southern Ridges West The far end of the fantastic Southern Ridges urban trails.  Hike for 3-15 miles in one of the most modern cities in all of Asia. 3-15 miles 300-1000 ft. Beginner 8
Tasman Lake A short 0.5 mile hike up to the lookout with a fabulous view.  Hike down another mile round-trip to the lake by heading over the boulder fields to see the glaciers up close. 0.5-1.5 miles 300-800 ft. Easy 9
Tegalalang Rice Terraces Come hike 0.5-2 miles around these dazzling rice terraces where you can wander for an hour or two. 0.5-2 miles Flat Beginner 8
Tegenungan Waterfall A nice short 0.5 mile hike down to this gorgeous tropical waterfall that is one of the postcard spots in Bali. 0.5 mile 300 ft. Beginner 7
Tequile Island Take the day tour of Uros and Taquile Island.  A rolling 2-3 mile-long trail takes you across much of Taquile Island with great views out over Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world. 2-3 miles 800 ft. Easy 9
Tiger Leaping Gorge One of the most famous treks in China.  This 14-17 mile route takes you through towering peaks in a gorgeous valley. 14-17 miles 1600-2600 ft. Challenging 9
Valbone Thethe The Valbone Thethe trek showcases the beauties of Albania’s Cursed Mountains.  The route is 12-14 miles one-way. 12-14 miles 2200 ft. Moderate 9
Vila Velha Nice short 2-4 round-trip hikes in this park in the middle of Parana state, Brazil. 2-4 miles 300 ft. Beginner 6
Volcan Concepcion A great 10 mile round-trip hike up the through the jungle up to this towering volcano above the biggest lake in Central America. 10 miles 3800 ft. Challenging 8
Vuelo del Condor Be sure to hike up to the world’s most famous swing and tree house.  Great views perched atop of Banos.  Get a ride up and hike the 0.5 mile loop to the tree house and swing. 0.5 miles 200 ft. Beginner 9
Yading Sacred Kora One of the greatest hikes you will ever experience.  This 18-21 mile loop is absolutely epic. 18-21 miles 4000-4500 ft. Strenuous 10
Zabljak An awesome 14 mile round-trip hike up Babotov Kuk that gives your tremendous views of Montenegro’s Durmitor National Park 14 miles 3400 ft. Challenging 9