LEGEND: Dark Green/Beginner | Light Green/Easy | Yellow/Moderate | Light Orange/Challenging | Dark Orange/Strenuous (NOTE: The two hiker icon = multiple trails. TWH Rating=The World Hiker Rating of hike out of 10)

Trailhead Description Distance Elev. Gain Difficulty TWH Rating
64 Mile Tahoe Rim Trail Another easy to reach access point for the Tahoe Rim Trail.  Head north towards Kingsbury or south towards Twin Peaks. 1-165 miles Varied Moderate 6
Ancil Hoffman Park An easy 3 mile loop trail by the American River and through the Effie Yeaw Nature Center 2-3 miles Flat Beginner 7
Armstrong Pass 8 mile round trip to Freel Peak, the highest peak in all of the Tahoe Region.  Add on Job’s Peak, and Job’s Sister to make a three-peak day. 6-12 miles 3200-5200 ft. Challenging 8
Bayview Maggies Peak is the best easy summit hike in Tahoe at under 4 miles round-trip.  This is the best place to access Phipps, Jack’s, or Dick’s Peak as well. 2-15 miles 800-6000 ft. Moderate 8
Beal’s Point The end of the 32 mile American River Bike Trail.  From hear it’s all downhill to the state capital 1-32 miles Flat Beginner 6
Beek’s Bight Hike along this quite edge of Folsom Lake as far north as your heart desires. 1-25 miles 100-1000 ft. Easy 7
Blue Lakes Middle Access to knob-shaped Jeff Davis Peak and Markleeville Peak.  2 little-visited peaks where you will avoid the Tahoe Visitors. 6.5 miles round-trip to hit both peaks. 6.5 miles 1200 ft. Moderate 6
Blue Lakes South A 6 mile round-trip hike up to the Nipple, a  little-visited peak.  Plenty of open space on this doable day-hike. 6 miles 1200 ft. Easy 6
Boethe State Park Several trails that weave their way through this park.  Nice place to get out if visiting the wine country. 3-15 miles Varied Moderate 5
Brockway Summit Head East or West on the fabulous Tahoe Rim Trail. 1-165 miles Varied Moderate 7
Carsons Pass Round Top and Lake Winnemuca is one of the great hikes in the Tahoe Area.  Hike to Lake Winnemuca, 5.2 mile round trip for a shorter day, or up to Round Top for a longer day and enjoy the alpine lakes and views. 9.3 miles 500-1900 ft. Moderate 9
Castle, Basin, Andesite Peak Castle Peak is a classic hike or snowshoe.  A 5.8 mile round-trip hike to the prominent summit gives great views of Donner Summit.  Tag Andesite and Basin Peaks for a bigger day. 3-14 miles 1500-4000 ft. Moderate 8
Christopher’s Loop Christopher’s Loop is the most photographed spot on the Tahoe Rim Trail.  It is a 15 mile round-trip hike to get up the TRT to the section called Christopher’s Loop.  Fantastic views! 15 miles 2700 ft. Moderate 9
Cool Firestation Head out into the Cool trails and head out to the Olmstead Loop or down to the Confluence. 3-25 miles 500-4000 ft. Moderate 6
Darrington Trail Curl up around the north side of Folsom Lake on a scenic trail which offers a 16 mile round-trip hike if you go to the end and back. 16 miles 1700 ft. Easy 6
Deep Creek Tahoe Rim Hop on the glorious Tahoe Rim Trail heading south.  Showers Lake, 16 miles round-trip and Round Lake are beautiful spots to stop along the way. 5-20 miles 1500-2500 ft. Easy 7
Devil’s and Snow Mountain A 6 mile round-trip to Devil’s Peak and 14 mile round trip to both Devil’s and Snow Mountain.  Great views of the Sierra Crest. 6-14 miles 1500-3000 ft. Moderate 6
Donner Summit Hike up towards Donner Summit enjoying views of the lake behind you. 4-7 miles 1000-2500 ft. Moderate 6
Donner, Judah, Lincoln, Disney One of the best trailheads around.  Hope onto the legendary PCT for a 4 mile round-trip hike to Donner or add a couple more miles to bag all 4 summits. 4-9 miles 1500-4500 ft. Moderate 7
Eagle Falls One of the more popular spots in all of Tahoe.  Head up to Eagle Lake,  2 miles round-trip, or up and over to the pristine lakes of Desolation Wilderness. 1.8-15 miles 500-6000 ft. Moderate 7
Ebbetts Pass This short hike up to Ebbets Pass gives you nice views of Kinney Reservoir and the surrounding area. 0.5 mile 400 ft. Beginner 6
Echo Lakes The go-to spot to access Desolation Wilderness. Hike to the top of Echo Lakes, Echo Peak, Flagpole Peak, Keiths Dome, Cracked Crag, Lake Aloha.  The list goes on and on.  Hikes range from 3 miles- to 50 miles round-trip. 3-50 miles 400-6000 ft. Moderate 9
Emerald Bay A short 1.7 mile round-trip hike will take you down to famous Vikingsholm Castle. Continue on the 8.3 mile round trip hike along the water’s edge on the Rubicon Trail to explore more of Emerald Bay 1.7-10 miles 450 ft. Easy 7
Forest Hill Western States Trail Hook up with the infamous 100 mile Western States Trail that will take you as far as you like 3-100 miles 500-10000 Moderate 6
Glen Alpine Another direct route into the heart of Desolation Wilderness.  Take it slowly on the narrow and extremely scenic Fallen Leaf Road 3-15 miles 500-5000 ft. Moderate 8
Granite Chief A 6.8 mile round trip hike will take you to towering Granite Chief Peak.  With a couple more miles you can summit Needle and Lyon Peaks as well. 6.8-11 miles 3000-4500 ft. Moderate 6
Hidden Valley Park A plethora of nice trails in this pretty park.  A great place to bring the family. 1-15 miles 200-1500 ft. Easy 7
Horsetail Falls The massive waterfall cascading out of the sky as you drive up Highway 50.  Hop up rocks for a mile or two to the heart of Horsetail Falls or hike up and over the top of the falls to to Lake of the Woods 3.3 miles 700 ft. Easy 7
Jenkinson Lake A nice foothill loop around Jenkinson Lake.  A great 7.7 mile hike perfect for the family and dogs. 7.7 miles 1000 ft. Easy 6
Kid’s Incorporated Come hike around the apple orchards, stream, and farm while enjoying tasty apple treats.  Great place for the family. 1 mile Flat Beginner 7
Kingsbury North The south access to this section of the Tahoe Rim Trail and to Genoa Peak.  Great views atop Genoa Peak, which can be reached from the road (8 miles) or TRT (10 miles round-trip). 8-10 miles 1500-2500 ft. Moderate 7
Lagoon Valley and Adobe Parks A nice park with miles of trails that makes a great place to stop between Sacramento and the Bay Area. 2-10 miles Varied Easy 6
Lake Clementine Fantastic 4.6 mile round-trip route up to Lake Clementine along the North Fork.  Check out the wall of water spewing over the Lower Lake Clementine Dam 4.6 miles 800 ft. Easy 7
Lake Clementine Enjoy a short hike down to Lake Clementine or head East on the Connector Trail for over seven miles of beautiful terrain above the canyon. 3-15 miles 500-1500 ft. Easy 7
Lake Natoma Loop The prettiest area of the American River Parkway.  Head alongside Lake Natoma or do an 11 mile loop all the way around the lake by cutting in front of the Lake Natoma Inn. 1-11 miles Flat Beginner 7
Lake Natoma North Loop Park at Coffee Republic to access the gorgeous 11 mile Lake Natoma Loop. 1-11miles Flat Beginner 7
Leviathian Peak Break up the curves and enjoy the views from atop Monitor Pass on this short 0.5 mile hike.  Hike the 8.6 mile loop if you would like to explore the region particulary when there is fall color. 0.5-8.6 miles 400-1500 ft. Easy 5
Luther Pass Start high on your way to Waterhouse Peak, a great 4 mile round-trip cross-country hike. 4 mile 1900 ft. Moderate 7
Lyon Creek A scenic route heading by beautiful Lake Silvia, en route to Pyramid Peak, 12 miles round-trip.  Add on Agassiz, and Price for a mega day. 12-15 miles 3300-5000 ft. Challenging 8
Marlette Lake A fantastic 5.8 mile out and back to one of the most beautiful spots overlooking Lake Tahoe. 5.8 1800 ft. Moderate 9
Meiss Trailhead Head up the PCT or over to unique Red Lake Peak, 3.5 miles round-trip, and Stevens Peak, another 3 miles round-trip for great views. 3.5-6 miles 1500-2500 ft. Moderate 7
Mormon Ravine Another access point to Folsom Lake’s endless trails. 1-25 miles 100-1000 ft. Easy 6
Mount Ralston Mt. Ralston is a fabulous 6 mile round-trip hike.  Along with Echo Lakes, a great place to quickly get into Desolation Wilderness 6-25 miles 3000-6000 ft. Moderate 8
Mount Rose Mt. Rose, Tamarack, Houghton, and Relay Peak are all fabulous day hikes with big time views of Lake Tahoe. Round-trip hikes can be between 5 to 9 miles depending on which one you choose. 5-9 miles 1500-5000 ft. Moderate 8
Mount Tallac Mt. Tallac, 9 miles round-trip, is considered by many to be the best day-hike in Tahoe.  For a bigger day drop over the backside of Tallac to visit Gilmore Lake or Lake Aloha. 9-15 miles 3300-5000 ft. Moderate 9
No Hands Bridge The American River Confluence is the trail running and hiking mecca near Sacramento.  Cool off in the American River after your outing.  Tons of trail options. 3-25 miles 500-4000ft. Moderate 7
Noble Canyon Silver and Highland Peak give great views of this quiet corner of the Sierras near Ebbet’s Pass. 10 miles round-trip for both summits. 10 miles 4200 ft. Challenging 6
Paige Meadows A nice loop trail that cuts through these peaceful meadows.  Fall color is a prime time to visit this hike. 1-2 miles 300 ft. Beginner 7
Picketts and Hawkins Two quiet peaks tucked into beautiful hope valley.  These two can be easily accessed from just down the road from Aspen-filled Sorenson’s.  Depending on what season you come in Pickettt’s is a 2-5 mile hike while Hawkins will add on another 5 miles round-tip. 2-9 miles 1600-3200 ft. Moderate 6
Pyramid Peak 6.5 miles round-trip straight up to the king of Desolation Wilderness.  A great hike to get the legs going! 6.5 miles 4100 ft. Challenging 7
Quarry Trail Get out on the Western States Trail, the trail that hosts the original 100 mile ultramarathon. 3-25 miles 500-4000 ft. Moderate 6
Robie Point A great spot to check out the trails along the North Fork of the American River. 1-20 miles 100-1000 ft. Easy 6
Rockville Hills Park Another nice place to stop between the Bay Area and Sacramento.  Plenty of trails through the rolling hills. 3-12 miles Varied Moderate 6
Rubicon Peak Rivaling Tallac for some of the best views of Tahoe.  5 miles round-trip makes this stunning summit perched straight above Lake Tahoe hard to beat 5 miles 2200 ft. Moderate 9
Russell Road Start high and hike down into the beautiful American River Canyon down the Stage Coach Trail.  Nice views from above the confluence. 3-20 miles 500-4000 ft. Moderate 8
Shealor Lake An easy 2.2 mile round-trip hike up to beautiful Shealor Lake. 2.2 miles 800 ft. Easy 7
Signal Peak A 3 mile round-trip off-trail hike up to a little-visited summit which offers nice views of the surrounding area. 3 miles 1500 ft. Moderate 6
Skunk Hallow Wind your way up the South Fork of the American River Canyon as far as you like on a pretty trail that runs for over 10 miles up to Pilot Hill. 2-20 miles 200-2000 ft. Easy 6
Spooner Summit North Hop on the Tahoe Rim Trail and head north towards Marlette Lake is one of the jewels of the entire Tahoe Area.  The Nevada side gets way fewer visitors as well.  Highly recommended 10 mile round-trip hike. 2-10 miles 1000-3000 ft. Moderate 8
Spooner Summit South Duane Bliss, South Camp, and Genoa Peaks are right on the Tahoe Rim Trail.  Elevated views of Lake Tahoe on the quieter Nevada side make for great hikes.  4, 6, and 8 miles round-trip respectively. 4-8 miles 1500-3500 ft. Moderate 7
St Helena A 9.6 mile round-trip hike to the summit of Mount St. Helena.  The highest point for miles, this peak gives great views of the entire area. 9.6 miles 2000 ft. Moderate 6
Stevens Trail A pretty 7.1 mile round-trip trail in the foothills.  There are waterfalls and often wildflowers on along with great views of the American River Canyon. 7.1 miles 2900 ft. Moderate 7
Tahoe Meadows Explore an easy 1.2 mile loop trail in the meadows or head out on the Tahoe Rim Trail for bigger adventures 1.2 mile Flat Beginner 7
Thunder Mountain Peaks abound heading around Caples Lake. Thunder Mountain, Fourth of July, Melissa Coray, Thimble, and the Sisters Peaks can be reached in 2-10 mile round-trip hikes. 2-7 miles 500-2000 ft. Moderate 6
UC Davis An easy 3.1 loop trail around UC Davis’ fine arboretum that is a great option for the whole family. 3.1 miles Flat Beginner 7
Van Vleck Bunkhouse Access to the Western side of Desolation Wilderness.  Remote summits of Red, Silver, McConnel and Tells Peak can be reached from here. 12 miles round-trip will get you to one of the summits and  a 16 mile day will get you to all 4 summits. 12-16 miles 3000-5000 ft. Challenging 6
Warren Lake Weave up to the east side of Castle Peak Basin to get to beautiful Warren Lake or continue on to Mount Lola. 15 miles 4600 ft Challenging 8
Wendell T. Robie Head out to the Western States Trail and connect to the Auburn Lakes Trails which stretch for miles. 3-25 miles 500-4000 ft. Moderate 6
Willam Ponds Come explore the countless ponds or head East or West on one of the country’s finest urban bike trails. 1-5 miles Flat Beginner 6