LEGEND: Dark Green/Beginner | Light Green/Easy | Yellow/Moderate | Light Orange/Challenging | Dark Orange/Strenuous (NOTE: The two hiker icon = multiple trails. TWH Rating=The World Hiker Rating of hike out of 10)

Trailhead Description Distance Elev. Gain Difficulty TWH Rating
American Basin This might just be the best 14er to start with in all of Colorado.  A beautiful, 5.6 mile round-trip hike is very doable and offers rewarding views from start to finish. 5.6 miles 2700 ft. Modertate 10
Baldwin Gulch Mount Antero is the next door neighbor to Mt. Princeton off of highway 24.  An 11 to 16 mile round-trip trip gets you to the summit depending on how far you can drive up. 11.2-16 miles 4900 ft. Challenging 6
Castle Creek Trailhead Castle Peak is a 10 mile round-trip route which provides a slightly easier option than any summits in the Marooon Bells 10 miles 4500 ft. Challenging 7
Crags Campground A great option to hike up Pikes Peak.  This 11.4 mile out and back trail gets you up to one of the most famous peaks in the country. 11.4 miles 4100 ft. Challenging 6
Denny Creek One of the prettiest trailheads in Colorado.  Mt. Yale is a great 14er for novices at only 7 steep miles round-trip. 7 miles 4300 ft. Challenging 9
Fourmile Creek A nice 8 mile round-trip hike will get you up to the summit of Mt. Sherman.  Stop by Leadville, the highest town in the U.S., on your way. 8 miles 2800 ft. Modertate 7
Guanella Pass This is an easy 6 mile round-trip hike up to Mt. Bierstadt.  Head across the class 3 Sawtooth Ridge to add on Evans as well for a 9.7 mile round-trip hike.  Another great 14er for those coming from Denver. 6-9.7 miles 2700-3800 ft. Modertate 8
Halfmoon Creek Holy Cross is one of the coolest of Colorado’s 14ers.  A permanent snowfield creates a cross on the face of this classic Colorado hike which checks in at 12 miles round-trip. 12 miles 5600 ft. Strenuous 10
Huerfano River Trailhead This is the standard route on Mt. Lindsay, which features a beautiful lush basin and a nice ascent to the region’s shortest 14er to summit.  At 7.8 miles round-trip this is a great option for those not wanting a massive day. 7.8 miles 3400 ft. Modertate 9
Jennings Creek This is the best spot if you are looking to bag both Tabegauche and Shavano.  9 miles round-trip will get you to the top of these rugged Colorado 14ers. 9 miles 4800 ft. Challenging 7
Kite Lake This trailhead provides access to 4 summits over 14,000 feet with Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, and Bross.  A wonderful 7 mile loop will get you to all 4 peaks! 7 miles 3600 ft. Challenging 9
Lake Como Trailhead This is the spot to start your hike for 3  of Colorado’s finest 14ers.  Blanca Peak, 14.6 miles round-trip, Little Bear, 12.8 miles round-trip, and Ellingwood Point, 14.6 miles round-trip all spectacular peaks which soar 7,000 feet above the surrounding valleys.  Camping at Lake Como makes for much more manageable 2.-4 mile round-trip summits. 12.8-14.6 miles 6000-6300 ft. Strenuous 9
Longs Peak One of the most popular 14,000 foot peaks in Colorado.  A 15 mile round-trip hike takes you to the top of this famous summit which is easier to access than nearly any other 14er. 15 miles 5000 ft. Strenuous 9
Maroon Lake Trailhead This is, without a doubt, one of the prettiest trailheads in North America.  Gorgeous Maroon Lake appears on nature calendars around the world.  Challenging Maroon Peak, 10 miles round-trip, North Maroon, 8 miles round-trip, and Pyramid Peak, 6 miles round-trip can be reached from here. 6-10 miles 4400-4600 ft. Strenuous 10
Matterhorn Creek A terrific 12-16 mile round trip route allows you to climb the Uncompahgre and Wetterhorn Peaks.  Wetterhorn is a 8 mile round-trip hike on its own.  Uncompahgre, is the highest peak in the San Juans, the most beautiful range in Colorado. 8-16 miles 3600-5800 ft. Strenuous 9
Missouri Gulch The loop to Oxford, Belford, and Missouri is a fantastic outing, clocking in at 11 miles round-trip.  You can also do Belford, Missouri, and Oxford individually at 7,10, and 11 miles round-trip respectively.  A fine trailhead with access to three great 14ers in the middle of the Rockies. 7-11 miles 4600-5900 ft. Challenging 8
Monte Cristo Quandary Peak is a great 14er to start on.  This 5.5 mile round-trip hike takes you up to great views of the surrounding lakes. 5.5 miles 3400 ft. Modertate 8
Mount Massive Mount Massive dominates the skies and is truly one of the great hikes in the state.  This 13.6 mile round-trip route is a must do. 13.6 miles 4500 ft. Challenging 9
Mount Princeton Road Mt Princeton Road provides access to this 14er which dominates the view as you drive through Buena Vista Colorado on Hwy 24.  A 6 to 13 mile round-trip hike, depending on how far you can drive up gets you up to this towering summit. 6-13 miles 3200-5300 ft. Challenging 6
Needleton Trailhead This is the ultimate 14er experience.  Take the Silverton-Durango Train and ask to get dropped off at the Needleton Trailhead.  By hiking 15 miles from Needleton to Chicago Basin and camping here you will have access to Eolus, Sunlight, and Windom, the three most remote peaks in Colorado.  From Chicago Basin each peak is under a 4 mile round-trip hike.  A fantastic backpacking outing! 17-18 miles 5900 ft. Strenuous 10
North Cottonwood Mt. Harvard and Mt. Colombia are two of the most beautiful peaks in the state.  A 12.6 mile round-trip takes you up Harvard, the 3rd highest peak in Colorado.  A 10 mile round-trip hike takes you up Colombia, which features a beautiful stream-filled basin. 10-12.6 miles 4200-4550 ft. Strenuous 9
North Halfmoon Creek The shorter and steeper route up Mount Massive is a 6.2 mile round-trip exciting climb which heads much more directly up to the peak. 6.2 miles 4000 ft. Strenuous 8
North Mount Elbert The highest peak in Colorado makes this a popular route.  Clocking in at only 9 miles round-trip this a great day hike to one of the best views around. 9 miles 4400 ft. Challenging 9
Purgatory Trailhead f you don’t want to spend money on the Silverton-Durango Train you can backpack into Chicago Basin.  This adds another 15-17 miles round-trip, however it gets you into this incredibly scenic area without having to reserve seats on the train. 32-35 miles 7000 ft. Strenuous 8
Silver Creek-Grizzly Gulch One of the best hikes in Colorado takes you to the summits of Redcloud and Sunshine Peaks.  This 10-11 mile round-trip route takes you past incredible views in the picturesque San Juan Range. The peaks can be done individually in 7-9 mile round-trip hikes. 7-11 miles 3600-4900 ft. Modertate 10
South Colony Lakes Crestone Peak, 17 miles round-trip and Crestone Needle, 15 miles round-trip are two of the most memorable peaks in the Rockies.  These peaks are often done by completing the approach hike the day before.  This is also the best trailhead to reach Humboldt Peak, 16 miles round-trip as well.  By camping at South Colony Lake, all three peaks are 2-4.5 miles round-trip. 15-17 miles 5300-6100 ft. Strenuous 9
South Winfield Huron is a great 14er to start on.  This is a very scenic hike with lots of water and great views.  8 miles round-trip from South Winfield Trailhead. 8 miles 3700 ft. Modertate 9
Stevens Gulch Grays and Torreys Peaks are a pair of 14ers which make a great option if you want to bag two peaks in a day.  A 9 mile round-trip trail will get you to both summits. 9 miles 3600 ft. Challenging 8
Stewart Creek San Luis Peak, 12 miles round-trip, is a beautiful hike and one of the least-climbed of Colorado’s 14ers.  This route goes through a beautiful basin to this shy peak’s summit. 12 miles 3600 ft. Modertate 9
Summit Lake Mount Evans has a road to the top, but hiking it from Summit Lake is more rewarding and is a short 2 mile hike. 2 miles 1400 ft. Easy 7
Taylor Ranch Trailhead This privately owned peak, Culebra, 13 miles round-trip hike, is one of the more challenging 14ers to climb because of ranch owners charging for a permit to climb.  Check the situation before you go. 13 miles 4800 ft. Modertate 6
West Winfield A 9.4 mile round-trip hike gets you to the top of Scenic La Plata Peak, tucked in the middle of the collegiate peaks. 9.4 miles 4000 ft. Challenging 9
Willow Creek Trailhead This is the best spot to access Kit Carson and Challenger Point.    These lesser-visited peaks can be reached with a scenic 12 mile round trip hike. 11.6 miles 6300 ft. Strenuous 8
Yankee Boy Basin Mt Sneffels is not only a fun name, but also a great hike.  Yankee Boy Basin provides access to a fantastic 7 mile round-trip hike with 360 degree views. 7 miles 3500 ft. Challenging 10