LEGEND: Dark Green/Beginner | Light Green/Easy | Yellow/Moderate | Light Orange/Challenging | Dark Orange/Strenuous (NOTE: The two hiker icon = multiple trails. TWH Rating=The World Hiker Rating of hike out of 10)

Trailhead Name Description Distance Elevation Difficulty TWH Rating
Agnew Meadows A superb jump-off to head out to Shadow Lake,  8.5 miles round-trip, Lake Ediza and Garnet Lake loop, 14.7 miles, and postcard-worthy 1000 Island Lake, 15.6 miles.  The spot to access Ritter and Banner Peaks. 8.5-22 miles 700-5000 ft. Moderate 10
Andrew Molera Trailhead A very scenic 9 mile loop on the Andrew Molera Trail  Trail is one of the best day hikes in the Big Sur area. 9 miles 1100 ft Easy 7
Big Pine Trailhead 1st-7th Lakes are glacier lakes which make for postcard-worthy views in any season. A 9-13 round-trip hike gets you to the lakes. The road up is the only high Eastern Sierra trailhead plowed year-round, making this a great winter option as well. 9-16 miles 3000-5000 ft Challenging 10
Charcoal Kilns Trailhead Wild Rose Peak is a great 8.4 mile round-trip hike. Check out Charcoal Kilns beehive-like structures on your way up to one of the best views in Death Valley 8.7 miles 2800 ft. Moderate 7
Convict Lake Trailhead Just a couple miles off of Hwy 395, Convict Lake is a pretty spot in every season.  Come hike along the 4 mile lake loop or make your way up Convict Creek towards Laurel and Bloody Mountains 4-8 miles 300-1500 ft. Beginner 9
Crescent Meadow Trailhead The High Sierra Trail rivals the John Muir Trail for one of the best long-distance hikes in California.  Go one mile or 71 miles all the way to the summit of Mt. Whitney on this winner of a trail. 1-71 miles 500-13000 ft Moderate 8
Dante’s View Trailhead Dante’s View is an easy 1.6 round trip hike and is one of the most popular viewing spots in Death Valley 1.6 mile 500 ft Beginner 8
Devils Postpile A great 4.9 mile hike to the very unique Devils Postpile and to Rainbow Falls.  One of the best short hikes in the Mammoth area. 4.9 miles 600 ft. Easy 8
Ewoldson Trailhead Another one of Big Sur’s great day hikes.  After checking out McWay Falls head up to get some great views of the coast on this 5.9 mile loop. 5.9 miles 1400 ft Easy 7
General Sherman Trailhead Come feel like an ant among the biggest trees in the world on this short, shady hike. 1 mile 250 ft Beginner 9
Lake Sabrina Trailhead Another wonderful place to jump out in the Eastern Sierras.  Hike out to Blue Lake, 5 miles round-trip for an easy day or Midnight Lake for a more challenging day. 5-16 miles 1500-4000 ft. Moderate 9
McWay Falls Trailhead This 1 mile round-trip hike takes you to the picture perfect McWay Falls which comes cascading down on the beautiful beach below. 1 mile flat Beginner 10
Mesquite Flat Dunes Want a taste of the Sahara Desert.  These sprawling sand dunes roll on for miles and can be explored for hours 0.5-3 miles flat Beginner 9
Mineral King Trailhead Rugged.  Mineral King’s windy road provides access to some of the most breathtaking regions of the Southern Sierras. Crystal lake, 9.5 miles round-trip, Columbine Lake, 13.5 miles round-trip, or a Five Lakes Basin Loop, 28 mile loop are fantastic options. 9-28 miles 3000-11000 ft Challenging 9
Mohagany Flatt Trailhead Thought Death Valley was all flat…think again.  Telescope Peak, 12.4 miles round-trip reaches over 11,000 feet high and provides great views of this massive national park. 12.4 miles 3500 ft. Moderate 7
Moro Rock Trailhead An easy 1 mile round-trip hike gives you expansive views of the Southern Sierras.  A great hike for families with kids as well. 1 mile 200 ft Beginner 8
Mosquito Flats Trailhead This fabulous trailhead provides access to Mono Pass, Mt. Star and Morgan Pass and the gorgeous lakes along the way.  Hikes range from 3-16 miles round trip. 4-16 miles 1200-3500 ft. Moderate 9
North Lake Trailhead One of the highest and most beautiful trailheads in California at 9300 feet along the shores of North Lake.  Head up to Piute Lake, 7.5 miles round trip or Piute Pass, 9.5 miles round-trip for a terrific hike. 8-10 miles 1500-2000 ft. Moderate 9
Onion Valley Trailhead A fabulous place to jump into the heart of the Eastern Sierras.  Kearsarge Pass is a great lunch spot.  Drop down over the pass to Bullfrog Lake or make it out to one of the most famous spots on the John Muir Trail, Rae Lakes. 8-26 miles 3000-6000 Moderate 9
Point Lobos Trailhead Great options of short oceanside hikes from 1-6 miles in this pretty park set along the Pacific. 1-6 miles flat Beginner 9
Roads End Trailhead Kings Canyon’s premier trailhead on the western side.  The 40-45 mile Rae Lakes Loop is a showstopper.  Head over to Bubbs Creek or up to Goat Mountain as well. 5-41 miles 1000-8500 ft Challenging 8
Rock Creek Lake Trailhead Hike around spectacular Rock Creek Lake or head up to Dorthy or Francis Lakes 1-5 miles round-trip 1-5 miles flat-2000 Beginner 9
South Lake Trailhead Arguably the best trailhead in California.  Long Lake, 6 miles round-trip is spectacular, and the trail up to Bishop Pass is some of the best hiking the West Coast has to offer.  Great access to peaks like Agassiz and Goode. 6-14 miles 1800-5000 ft Moderate 10
Whitney Portal Trailhead The highest point in the 48 states.  Whitney Portal is a destination.  Reserve a permit in advance during the main hiking season for this 22 mile round-trip hike.  After Nov.1st you can self issue a permit to this land of giant peaks. 22 miles 6100 ft Strenous 9
Wolverton Trailhead A great jump-off spot to explore some of the finest areas in Sequoia National Park.  Pear Lake, 11.7 miles, and Alta Peak, 12.8 miles are terrific day hikes. 11.7-12.8 miles 2300-4100 ft Moderate 9