LEGEND: Dark Green/Beginner | Light Green/Easy | Yellow/Moderate | Light Orange/Challenging | Dark Orange/Strenuous (NOTE: The two hiker icon = multiple trails. TWH Rating=The World Hiker Rating of hike out of 10)

Trailhead Description Distance Elev. Gain Difficulty TWH Rating
Badger Pass In the winter this is as far as the road is plowed.  Hike, snowshoe, or ski out towards Glacier Point.  The entire route is a winter wonderland, but for those who make it to Glacier Point, 21 miles round-trip, the wintertime views are truly amazing. 21 miles 2700 ft. Challenging 8
Berry Creek Falls A beautiful 9.8  mile loop that takes you out on the Skyline to Sea and Back on the Sunset Trail. 9.5 miles 2500 ft. Moderate 7
Black Sands Beach A short hike 0.5 mile trail down to the ocean brings you to a beautiful black sand beach. 0.5 mile 300 ft. Beginner 7
Bonita Point A scenic one mile round-trip hike out to a rustic lighthouse perched on top of the Pacific Ocean 1 mile 200 ft. Beginner 7
Cathedral Lakes A classic hike in the Yosemite High Country.  An 8 mile round-trip hike will get you to both Upper and Lower Cathedral Lakes.  Looking for more adventure trying adding a couple miles of climbing in and heading up to Cathedral Peak, one of the iconic peaks of California. 8-11 miles 1600-3300 ft. Moderate 8
Cooks Meadow A scenic 2.5 mile loop in Yosemite Valley with big time views all round…what’s not to like! 2.5 miles flat Beginner 9
Dipsea Trail The Dipsea Trail is home to numerous running events each year because hikers and runners love the variety it has to offer.  Go out and back or make a seven mile loop on the Steep Ravine Trail. 2-10 miles 500-2000 ft. Moderate 8
Four Mile Along with Yosemite Falls and the Mist Trail, this is a fabulous option for getting out of the valley.  Views from Glacier Point are sublime on this 9 mile round-trip hike. 9 miles 3200 ft. Challenging 9
Gardinsky Lake Tioga Peak is a fantastic 3 mile round-trip hike that takes you past gorgeous Gardinsky Lake on the way to 11,000 foot Tioga Peak.  Highly recommended! 3 miles 1700 ft. Moderate 9
Gaylor Lakes A scenic 3.5 mile round-trip hike to beautiful Gaylor Lakes.  Continue on for another mile to Gaylor Peak for great views of Tioga Pass 3.5-5 miles 1200-2000 ft. Easy 7
Glacier Point Start atop the valley and head across the spectacular Panorama Trail to Illiloute Falls, a breath-taking 5 mile round trip hike.  Continue on to Nevada Falls and back for more incredible views on this first-class 10 mile round-trip hike. 5-10 miles 1800-2600 ft. Moderate 10
Golden Gate Bridge Walk across the world famous Gold Gate Bridge and back.  A must-do experience in California that is 3.5 miles round-trip. 3.5 miles flat Beginner 10
Happy Isles, Mist Trail As good as it gets.  The start to the Mist Trail, Half Dome Trail, and the John Muir Trial.  The Vernal and Nevada Falls hike is 6.7 miles round -trip and Half Dome is 15.6 miles round trip.  Happy Isles is a legendary trailhead where millions of adventures have started. 6.7-15.6 2500-5000 ft. Moderate 10
Hawk Hill A super short 0.3 mile trail that gives another great view of the Golden Gate and the City 0.3 mile 100 ft. Beginner 7
Huddart Park Tons of trails in this beautiful wooded park.  Try the 8.8 mile Crystal Springs to Lonely Trail loop. 2-15 miles 400-4000 ft. Easy 7
Joaquin Miller Park Another great Bay Area option to get out in the woods.  Try the 3.4 mile loop on the Sunset, Sequoia Bayview, and Cinderella Trails. 3.4 miles 700 ft. Easy 6
Lake Chabot Lake Chabot is a great spot to get out into nature in the East Bay.  Try the 10 mile hike around Lake Chabot. Loads of trails dot this green park. 10 miles 1100 ft. Easy 7
Lower Yosmite Falls An easy, paved 1.1 mile round-trip must do hike if you are visiting the park.  In high season this one get crowded! 1.5 mile flat Beginner 9
Matt Davis A great 6.8 mile loop on the Matt Davis, Steep Ravine, and Dipsea Trails. Get yourself up into the forests of Mount Tamalpais State Park on this scenic trail. 6.8 miles 1800 ft. Moderate 7
May Lake Mt Hoffman is a 5.6 mile round-trip hike that offers you 360 degree views of the High County of Yosemite.  Easily one of the best summits in the park.  Add on a couple more miles to tag Tuolumne Peak as well for a 7.6 mile round-trip hike. 5.6-7.6 2000-3700 ft. Challenging 9
Mirror Lake A short 2 mile round-trip hike will take you to Mirror Lake where you can stare right up at Half Dome.  Try the 5 mile loop trail around the lake as well if you have time. 2-5 miles 400 ft. Beginner 8
Miwok Trail A great spot to start at to explore the Fabulous Golden Gate Recreation Area.  Try a 7.8 mile loop on the Coastal and Miwok Trails while hitting the Bonita Lighthouse as well. 7.8 miles 1600 ft. Moderate 7
Mono Pass Picture perfect trail.  Head up 10.8 miles round trip to Mono Pass for a great lunch spot.  If you are looking for a summit Mt. Gibbs, Lewis, Kuna, Koip, and Kuna Crest are all reachable from this trailhead.  1, 2, 3 or 4 of these peaks are all possible in one day. 10.8-22 miles 1700-5500 ft. Moderate 9
Mount Diablo, North Peak There are many ways to get up to Mt. Diablo, the Bay Area’s highest peak.  This 6 mile round-trip option heads up the Juniper and North Peak Trails. 6 miles 2200 ft. Moderate 7
Mount Tamaulpais This easy 1.2 mile loop trail takes you to the top of popular Mt. Tam 1.2 miles 200 ft. Easy 8
Muir Beach Take the Coastal Trail out for great views of the Pacific Ocean.  Go for a couple miles or make a 11.7 mile round-trip hike which goes to Rodeo Beach and back.  Pirates Cove offers another fantastic add on. 2-11.7 miles 200-3600 ft. Moderate 9
Muir Woods Head up into the gorgeous Muir Woods and lose yourself on some of the Bay Area’s best trails. Try the 2.2 mile loop trail from the Visitors Center. 2.2 miles 100 ft. Easy 8
Nisene Marks A great spot to get out near Santa Cruz.  Try some or all of the 15.2 mile Aptos Creek and West Ridge Trail Loop which takes you up to Sand Point Overlook. 15.2 miles 2700 ft. Moderate 7
Palomarin Alamere Falls is a superb 8 mile hike.  The falls come crashing down on the sandy beach below.  A fantastic hike with ocean views nearly the entire time. 8 miles 1300 ft. Easy 9
Pantoll Trailhead Great trails in every direction from this centrally located trailhead in the middle of Mt. Tam Park.  Try the 3.8 mile loop on the Dipsea and Steep Ravine Trails. 3.8 miles 1000 ft. Easy 7
Parker Lake A pleasant 3.6 mile round-trip hike that takes you to beautiful Parker Lake 3.6 miles 700 ft. Easy 7
Porcupine Creek A 9 mile round-trip hike will get you out to North Dome’s impressive granite walls.  Be sure to take the spur trail for an extra 1 mile round-trip to Indian Rock on your way back. 9-10 miles 2500 ft. Moderate 7
Redwood Regional Park Come get lost among the Redwoods in this gorgeous Bay Area park.  Try the 7.8 mile loop on the French and Stream Trails.  Tons of shady trails here. 7.8 miles 1700 ft. Easy 6
Rodeo Beach A beautiful spot to start.  A nice 4.9 mile loops combines the Miwok and Coastal Trails.  The  11.7 mile hike to Muir Beach is highly recommended. 4.9 miles 1300 ft. Easy 9
Rush Creek, Silver Lake Access to unquestionably several of the prettiest lakes in California. Agnew Lake is 4.5 miles round-trip,  Gem Lake is 7 miles round-trip, and the postcard of the John Muir Trail, 1000 Island Lake, 16 miles round-trip can all be reached from this fantastic trailhead. 4.5-16 miles 2400-5200 ft. Challenging 10
Saddlebag Lake Take as short 4.1 mile hike on the loop trail around super scenic Saddlebag Lake or continue north up to 20 Lakes Basin for a 8.8 mile round-trip hike. 4.1-8.8 miles 400-1300 ft. Easy 8
Sentinel Dome Sentinel Dome, and Taft point are great short hikes with terrific views of the valley below.  Both hikes are 2.2 miles round-trip. 2.2 miles 200-500 ft. Beginner 9
Slacker’s Hill A short 1.1 mile round-trip hike gets you up to a fabulous view of the Golden Gate and San Francisco.  You can also jump on the Coastal trail from here and head towards Rodeo Beach. 1.1 miles 400 ft. Beginner 9
South Tufa A one mile round-trip trail explore the sulfur-smelling saltiness that is Mono Lake, one of the largest lakes in California. 1 mile flat Beginner 6
Sunrise Lakes The 13.1 mile round-trip hike to Cloud’s Rest is awesome.  Cloud’s Rest is 1000 feet higher than Half Dome and the views are just as good.  No permit needed as well! 13.1 miles 4100 ft. Challenging 10
Swinging Bridge Hike 1.2 miles round-trip through the valley and get spectacular views from the Swinging Bridge over the Merced River 1.2 miles flat Beginner 9
Tamarack Flat Not a professional rock climber?  You can still get to the top of the world’s most famous climbing wall, El Capitan, by hiking there, on this 14 mile round-trip hike.  Insane views off of El Cap! 14 miles 5600 ft. Challenging 9
Tennessse Valley Along with Rodeo Beach and Muir Beach, this is another great place to access the fabulous Golden Gate Recreation Area.  Try the 5.6 mile loop combining the Tennessee Valley, Coastal, and Fox Trails. 5.6 miles 1300 ft. Easy 7
Tilden Park Tilden Park is one of the jewels of the Bay Area.  A great place to spend the day outdoors. Try the 4.3 mile loop on the Seaview and Big Springs Trails. 4.3 miles 1000 ft. Easy 7
Tioga Pass, Mount Dana A fabulous 5 mile round trip hike to towering 13,000 foot Mt. Dana.  The 2nd highest peak in Yosemite gives you superb views of the High Country and Mono Lake 5 miles 3200 ft. Challenging 10
Wildcat Canyon Another nice Bay Area option to get away from the noise of the city.  Try the 11 mile loop on the Wildcat and Laurel Canyon and Namitz Trails. 11 miles 2000 ft. Easy 6
Yosemite Falls One of the best trailheads in the world.  A steep 6.8 mile round-trip hike takes you to the top of Upper Yosemite Falls.  Yosemite Point, 9.4 miles round-trip, and Eagle Peak, 10.7 miles round-trip are extremely scenic as well. 6.8-9.4 miles 2700-4700 ft. Challenging 10