Many people don’t go in the outdoors….

because they don’t know where to go, think they might get lost, or perhaps are afraid of the unknown.  With the right planning and preparation you can head out on the trails with confidence.  

I hope that the eight Trail Route Pages

really get you going on your planning for your upcoming hike or outdoor adventure.  Another fantastic way to plan is to read trip reports from other hikers who have been on the same routes which you are hoping to go on.  On the tables on each Trail Routes page I have added links to the trailhead’s names to link out to a well-established page with lots of info.

If you want to hike the Mist Trail from Happy Isles then you would simply go to Yosemite to the Bay Area Page and scroll down to Happy Isles, Mist Trail.  The Happy Isles, Mist Trail link has over 500 reviews, so it is safe to say that the Mist Trail has lots of feedback!

For every hike on this site the Hiker Icon is dropped on the exact location where the trailhead starts.

You can click on the Hiker Icon for your desired hike, and when the thumbnail picture and description pop up, click on the right arrow icon to get directions from your house.

For more information on easier to moderate hikes I use and for moderate to challenging summits I use .  Knowing your surrounding in the outdoors is key.  For moderate to challenging hikes or if you plan on going off trail having a map or GPS is nearly essential. For maps in California I recommend Tom Harrison maps  .  For outside of California I use National Geographic Trail maps.

For more challenging hikes it is always a good idea to leave a description of where you are going with a friend or family member.  For extreme adventures or winter outings I take a Delorme Inreach 2 Way Satellite Device with me as well.

I often use my cell phone on airplane mode and am able to conserve the battery while still having the google maps show me where I am located in relation to my starting point.  Just be sure to load up your map before you lose service and this provides a nice way to check where you are located.