What is your goal?

Is it to backpack in Yosemite for several day’s this summer?  Are you looking at summiting a peak or two with some friends?  Do you want to do a trail race?  Whatever your goals are in the outdoors, dedication and training will make your experience much more enjoyable.

There is a reason why those who train for Everest run!

Although Everest is not on most of our lists, walking, biking, and running will pay dividends when you hit the trails.

I got into trail running while working as a backpacking guide and found that my daily runs made me much fitter and enabled me to move much faster on the trail when hiking.  Instead of hiking down, I started running down some of the 14,000 peaks in Colorado.  Often I would find that I could do much longer routes and do multiple peaks in the same day due to moving quickly through the terrain.  

Since getting into running I’ve been blessed to have completed over
60 official 26.2 marathons. This training translates directly into feeling ready to tackle trails of all distances, whether it is a 3 mile hike straight up Yosemite Falls or a 50 mile Rim to Rim to Rim run of the Grand Canyon.

Hiking is an endurance sport,

therefore the more endurance type training you do the better.  Thankfully Sacramento, Guadalajara, Curitiba, Bogota, the places I have called home over the past years have had great trails.  Get yourself out walking, biking, running, or swimming to reap the benefits when you get out on the trails!

Looking for a local race….try Runner’s World’s Race Finder or MarathonGuide.com.