So you want to head off to another country but you have no idea where to go.  The world is incredibly diverse and depending on what type of trip you are looking for.  This section should give you an overview of the various sections of the world and help you narrow down your options for you upcoming flights

Region: Mexico and Caribbean

  • Warm and welcoming
  • Cheap flights from the U.S.
  • Budget options outside of resorts
  • Beaches and resorts, plazas, Mayan, Aztec culture, rainforests
  • Slowing down the pace of life
  • Terrific food
  • Spanish language classes, music and dancing
  • Diving, surfing, snorkeling, baseball


Region:  Central America

  • Cheap welcoming countries
  • Volcanoes, jungles, beaches, tropics
  • Indigenous cultures
  • Overland connections to visit multiple countries
  • Spanish language schools
  • Pacific and Caribbean vibes

Region: South America

  • Incredible diversity of beaches, mountains, and rainforest
  • World’s best fútbol fans
  • World’s biggest parties, like Carnival
  • Super fun cities like Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Buenos Aires, and Medellin
  • Trekking, mountaineering, hiking
  • Taking in the incredible Amazon Rainforest
  • Visiting penguins and glaciers near Antarctica


Region: Western Europe

  • Super modern and comfortable
  • Tons of young people traveling everywhere
  • Transportation and hostels make making connections a breeze
  • World-renown cities and history around every corner
  • World class cuisine
  • Hiking, trekking
  • More expensive to visit


Region:  Eastern Europe

  • Comfortable and good connections
  • Much less expensive and less visited than Western Europe
  • Possible to visit multiple countries in short period of time
  • Castles, historic sites, and beautiful mountains
  • More recent history


Region:  Southeast Asia

  • Classic backpacker budget region with well-trodden routes
  • Jungles, beaches, elephants, hill tribes, full moon parties
  • Tons of outdoors adventures
  • Fantastic food options, street food galore
  • Distinct from Western culture, always warm
  • Super welcoming locals

Bthailand 057.jpg

Region:  Australia and New Zealand

  • Big road trips, Lord of the Rings Scenery, rafting or kayaking
  • Mountains that fall into the ocean, bungee-jumping
  • Speaking English to fun-loving people
  • Diving the world’s biggest reef, surfing or beach fun
  • Modern cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, and Christchurch
  • Harder and pricier to get to but worth the effort

Region: East Asia (China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan)

  • Amazing contrast of ultra-modern metropolises and traditional villages
  • Gardens, temples, shrines, pagodas
  • Sushi, barbeque, real Chinese food
  • Hiking, trekking, Tibet, and the Himalayas
  • The cutting edge of electronics and technology
  • Extremely safe

Bthailand 343.jpg

Region:  India and Central Asia (Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh)

  • Over a billion friendly people
  • Extremely cheap, fascinating culture
  • Great food
  • Spiritual retreats and Buddhism
  • Diversity from jungles to beaches to the Himalayas
  • Trekking the world’s greatest mountain range



Region: Africa

  • Adventurous travel where patience is of the essence
  • World famous parks and safaris
  • Lions, cheetahs, gazelle, rhinos, giraffe, and hippos
  • A continent that is always changing
  • Pyramids, bazaars, camels, Muslim culture
  • 54 nations that most likely none of your friends have ever visited


Region: Middle East

  • Birthplace of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam
  • Biggest and newest everything in fascinating Dubai
  • Historic sites from Biblical times
  • Jaw-dropping mosques
  • Ever-changing region
  • Chance to understand the heart of the Muslim world