When we cook something for the first time we don’t go at it alone, we follow a recipe. The recipe allows us to follow someone else’s instructions to get a finished product that has been taste tested. The same thing applies for travel.

Travel Recipes - The World Hiker

The first time we venture off to a country we need ideas. Before I go to each new country, I want to see other travelers’ recipes. I want to see where they went and what they did. Every person has their own dishes they prefer making. Having an experienced cook’s recipe for a new dish is helpful in the kitchen, as too is having an experienced travelers’ recipe for how to plan a trip.

I hope that you enjoy The World Hiker’s Travel Recipes (links to the rest of these recipes coming soon)!

African Recipes

Up close with a rhino in Hlane National Park in Swaziland

Asian Recipes

Hiking past prayer flags in China’s Yading National Park

Australia, New Zealand, Oceania Recipes

Drying off from diving in frigid Tasman Lake in New Zealand

European Recipes

Hiking in the Alps on the border of France and Switzerland


  • 3 Days in Istanbul
  • 4 Days in Northern Greece
  • 1 Week in Kosovo, Macedonia, and Bulgaria
  • 1 Week in Albania and Montenegro
  • 1 Week in Bosnia and Serbia
  • 2 Weeks in Croatia and Slovenia
  • 10 Days in Hungary and Slovakia
  • 1 Week in Romania
  • 1 Week in Poland and Ukraine
  • 10 Days in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia
  • 1 Week in Northern Italy
  • 4 Days in Chamonix, France
  • 1 Week in Northern Spain
  • 1 Week in Portugal
  • 1 Week in the Capitals of Scandinavia
  • 1 Week in Belgium and Luxembourg
  • 4 Days in London
  • 1 Week in Ireland

Central America, Mexico, and Caribbean Recipes

Looking back at Volcán Concepción in Lake Nicaragua

South American Recipes

Hiking around the wonders of Macchu Picchu