European Recipes

When we cook something for the first time we don’t go at it alone, we follow a recipe. The recipe, aka, travel itinerary, allows us to follow someone else’s instructions to get a finished product that has been taste tested. The same thing applies for travel.

The first time we venture off to a country we need ideas. Before I go to each new country, I want to see other travelers’ recipes. I want to see where they went day by day and what they did. Every person has their own dishes they prefer making. Having an experienced cook’s recipe for a new dish is helpful in the kitchen, as too is having an experienced travelers’ recipe for how to plan a trip.

I hope that you enjoy The World Hiker’s Travel Recipes

Hiking in the Alps on the border of France and Switzerland


  • 3 Days in Istanbul
  • 4 Days in Northern Greece
  • 1 Week in Kosovo, Macedonia, and Bulgaria
  • 1 Week in Albania and Montenegro
  • 1 Week in Bosnia and Serbia
  • 2 Weeks in Croatia and Slovenia
  • 10 Days in Hungary and Slovakia
  • 1 Week in Romania
  • 1 Week in Poland and Ukraine
  • 10 Days in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia
  • 1 Week in Northern Italy
  • 4 Days in Chamonix, France
  • 1 Week in Northern Spain
  • 1 Week in Portugal
  • 1 Week in the Capitals of Scandinavia
  • 1 Week in Belgium and Luxembourg
  • 4 Days in London
  • 1 Week in Ireland