We see the fantastic picture from another country and dream about getting there.  How?  What steps do I need to take?  What do I do first?

I worked abroad for over five years and planned loads of international adventures. The travel tips section of this site is designed to get you started by giving you inspiration, ideas on where to go, how to save, and how to find cheap airfare and accommodation.  This section will also share ideas on what to pack, why language is important, and how you can work abroad.   

I hope that you find inspiration and answers to your travel questions on the
Travel Tips section of The World Hiker!

INSPIRATION  http://www.theworldhiker.com/trail-tips/inspiration/

WHERE TO GO  http://www.theworldhiker.com/trail-tips/where-to-go/

SAVING  http://www.theworldhiker.com/travel-tips/saving/

FINDING CHEAP FLIGHTS  http://www.theworldhiker.com/travel-tips/finding-cheap-flights/

FINDING CHEAP ACCOMMODATION  http://www.theworldhiker.com/travel-tips/finding-cheap-accommodation/

PACKING  http://www.theworldhiker.com/trail-tips/packing/

LANGUAGE  http://www.theworldhiker.com/travel-tips/language/

LIVING ABROAD  http://www.theworldhiker.com/travel-tips/living-abroad/