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120 countries. A shoe-string budget. And a slightly crazy high school Spanish teacher with an insatiable love of travel and the outdoors.

Hi! My name is Brian Asher. My first trip outside of the U.S. pushed me to grow, learn, trust in strangers, be patient, and see the good each culture has to offer. I came back a different person. A year later after I finished college, I decided to head abroad to work. I taught full time in four different countries over the next five years and became fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. Leaving the comforts of home to travel, work, or volunteer abroad can be a bit daunting, but it is only when we step out of our comfort zone that we find out how capable really are.

The same life changing feeling occurred when I summitted my first mountain in Colorado. I was overwhelmed by a sense of accomplishment, joy, and inner peace that I had rarely felt before. This site is designed to inspire you by taking you with me on my adventures near and far, showing how you can experience the life-transformation that comes from traveling internationally and getting into the outdoors. Join me as I share stories from all corners of the world that show you how beautiful our world is and how many good people there are who are willing to help you along your journey.

As someone who has worked abroad for years and now teaches full time in California, I will share loads of ideas from my experiences on how you too can get out and have life-shaping experiences no matter how long your trip is or what budget you are on. Welcome to The World Hiker!

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World Hiker Stats

By the numbers

  • Countries Visited: 120
  • Years Living Abroad: 5
  • Foreign Languages Fluent In: 2 (Español y Portugues)
  • Mountains Summitted: 390
  • Official 26.2 Marathons Completed: 62
  • Marathon P.R.: 2:49
  • English or Spanish Students Taught: Over 2,900
  • U.S. States Visited: 50
  • Mexican States Visited: 26
  • Number of Nights Staying in Hostels: 340
  • Highest Point: 18,700 ft. in Northern India
  • Farthest Run in 1 Day: 49 Miles Across Grand Canyon and Back
  • 14,000 ft. Peaks Summited in Colorado: 48
  • High School Sports Played: 3 (Baseball, basketball, soccer)
  • College Sports Played: 1 (Baseball)
  • Season Ticket Holder to Professional Soccer Teams: 3 (Chivas-Mexico, Coritiba-Brazil, Atletico-Paranaense-Brazil)